Issue Contents and Highlights

Introduction to the Issue
Tom Jackson

The Philosopher’s Pedagogy
Amber Makaiau and Chad Miller

Practicing Philosophy for Children in the Search for a Better Society
Mitsuyo Toyoda

The Top 10 Things I LOVE about p4c Hawai‘i
Jolyn Ikeda

Philosophy for Children
Angela Kim

Critical Communities: Intellectual Safety and the Power of Disagreement
Ashby Butnor

For Children in Hawai‘i: A Community Circle Discussion
Benjamin Lukey

The High School Philosopher in Residence: What Philosophy and Philosophers Can Offer Schools
Benjamin Lukey

Thinking Processes in Middle School Students
Caryn Matsuoka

For Children Kenyan Style
Rebecca Odierna

“What Do You Want to Talk About?”: p4c Lessons in the Family
Tamara Albertini

Raising the Bar: Love, the Community of Inquiry, and the Flourishing Life
Thomas Yos

Community in the Classroom: An Approach to Curriculum and Instruction as a Means for the Development of Student Personal Engagement in a High School classroom
Tammy Jones

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