Issue Contents and Highlights


Hunter McEwan

Japanese English Education and Learning: A History of Adapting Foreign Cultures
Minoru Shimizu

Promoting Learner Autonomy: Student Perceptions of Responsibilities in a Language Classroom in East Asia
Shien Sakai, Akiko Takagi, and Man-Ping Chu

Teacher Certi!cation Renewal System: An Analysis Based on a Nation-Wide Survey of Japanese Teachers of English
Natsue Nakayama, Akiko Takagi, and Hiromi Imamura

Problems in the Assistant Language Teacher System and English Activity at Japanese Public Elementary Schools
Chie Ohtani

Disregard of Opportunity Gap Inequalities in Policy Debates over Mandatory English Education at Public Elementary Schools in Japan
Ryoji Matsuoka

The English Program at Murasakino Senior High School
Haruo Minagawa

Learning from Analysis of Japanese EFL Texts
George R. S. Weir and Toshiaki Ozasa

The Bukkyo University and University of Hawai‘i College of Education Partnership
Hunter McEwan, Sunao Goto, and Yukiyo Horike

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