Educational Perspectives Summer 1998

Volume: 32

Issue: 1

Download: Vol32-1Su-98.pdf

Ed Perspectives Summer 1998

Issue Contents and Highlights

2 Concerning This Issue
Mary Anne Prater

3 Improving Professional Practice
Neil A. Pateman and abstracts by Allen Awaya;Pauline U. Chinn, Marie K. Iding; Joanne E. Cooper, RosemaryCasey, Joanne Gisselquist; William Geary

7 Addressing At-Risk Behaviors: Linking Health and Education in Partnership
Beth Patemanand abstracts by Beth Pateman; DougSmith, M. Bates, J. Laughlin; Rhonda S. Black, Thomas W. Sileo, Mary Anne Prater; Susan M. Saka, Morris K. Lai

13 Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities in the State of Hawai‘i: Current Challenges and Initiatives
Dennis McDougalland abstracts by Judy Schrag, DennisMcDougall; Sarah S. Gronna, Loretta A. Serna, Craig H.Kennedy, Mary Anne Prater; Serena Shimabukuro, Mary AnnePrater, Amelia Jenkins, Patricia Edelen-Smith

19 School Reform and Renewal
Stacey Marlowand abstracts by Lois A. Yamauchi,William Greene, Katherine T. Ratliffe, Andrea K. Ceppi;Allen Awaya; Stacey Marlow, Leisha Bento

23 Outreach and Access
Curtis P. Hoand abstracts by Patricia Edelen-Smith,Thomas W. Sileo; Melvin Lang; Annette C. Sherry,Catherine P. Fulford, Shuqiang Zhang

26 But, Do We Make Any Difference?
Allen D. Glenn

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