Issue Contents and Highlights

Tinalak: Envisioning the Next Generation of Teachers
Patricia Espiritu Halagao and Niki Libarios

Prologue: Weaving the Threads Before Us
Virgie Chattergy

Tinalak: Weaving Dreams as Filipino Educational Praxis
Jeffrey Acido and Jeffrey Moniz

Exposing K–12 Filipino Achievement Gaps andOpportunities in Hawai‘i Public School
Patricia Espiritu Halagao

Filipinos at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa:Condition and Opportunities to Foster College Success
Niki Libarios and Robert Bachini

Paka(sarita)an in the Ilokano: Reclaiming a Native Tongue, Owning a Heritage
Julius Bajet Soria

Critical Kapwa: Possibilities of Collective Healing from Colonial Trauma
Maharaj “Raju” Desai

Recasting Our Relatives:Eroding and (E)Merging Filipino Connections
Jeffrey Moniz

Nakem Pedagogy: Social Biography in Liberatory Education
Jeffrey Tangonan Acido

Touching Community: The Risky and Impressive Work of an Experimental Community
Hannah M. Tavares

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