Educational Perspectives 2013

Volume: 45

Download: Vol45.pdf

Ed Perspectives 2013

Issue Contents and Highlights


Ho‘okulaiwi and the Lived Experiences of Indigenous Research
K. Laiana Wong and Margaret J. Maaka

Kicking the Bucket: It’s All About Living
Kekailoa Perry

Hawaiian Performance Cartography of Kaua‘i
Kalani Akana

A Ao ka Po A Po ke Ao (Until Night Becomes Day, Until Day Becomes Night): Revolution: A Journey of Self-Reflection
C. Mamo Kim

Ke Ha‘a La Puna i ka Makani: (Puna Dances in the Breeze): Pele and Hi‘iaka Mo‘olelo and the Possibilities for Hawaiian Literary Analysis
ku‘ualoha ho‘omanawanui

Aloha Pe: Ka Huliau
Kimo Alexander Cashman

The Task of an Educator is Supporting “Communities of Learners” as Transformative Practice
Huia Tomlins-Jahnke

Nga Manu Korero: Revitalizing Communication, Customs and Cultural Competencies Amongst Maori Students, Teachers, Whanau and Communities
Rawiri Tinirau and Annemarie Gillies

Development of the “Indigenous Self” in Indigenous-Centered Student Services: An Examination of the Kokua a Puni Summer Enrichment Program
Antoinette Freitas, Erin Kahunawaikaala Wright, Brandi Jean Nalani Balutski, and Pearl Wu

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