Issue Contents and Highlights


Hawai‘i Creole (Pidgin), Local Identity, and Schooling
Eileen H. Tamura

What School You Went? Local Culture, Local Identity, and Local Language: Stories of Schooling in Hawai‘i
Darrell H. Y. Lum

Learning Da Kine: A Filmmaker Tackles Local Culture and Pidgin
Marlene Booth

The “Pidgin Problem”: Attitudes about Hawai‘i Creole
Thomas Yokota

Pidgin and Education: A Position Paper
Da Pidgin Coup

Kent Sakoda Discusses Pidgin Grammar
Kent Sakoda and Eileen H. Tamura

Culturally Responsive Talk Between a Second Grade Teacher and Native Hawaiian Children During “Writing Workshop”
J. Timothy Rynkofs

Pidgin in the Classroom
Jeff Siegel

If Can, Can: Hawai‘i Creole and Reading Achievement
Kathryn H. Au

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