Educational Perspectives 2005-1

Volume: 38

Issue: 1

Download: Vol38-1.pdf

Ed Perspectives 2005-1

Issue Contents and Highlights

Introduction: School Readiness in Hawai‘i
Stephanie Feeney and Donna Grace

From Baby Steps to Policy Initiative: Hawai‘i’s Efforts to Promote School Readiness
Alex Harris

Ready for Success in Kindergarten: Perspectives of Teachers, Parents, and Administrators of Hawai‘i
Donna J. Grace and Mary E. Brandt

Play and School Readiness
Sue Bredekamp

What Should They be Learning in Preschool? The Development of Preschool Content Standards in Hawai‘i
Stephanie Feeney and Eva Moravcik

The Transition to Kindergarten in Hawai‘i
Jeanne Riley and Mike Fahey

Emergent Literacy and the Development of the Early Literacy Program Evaluation Guide
Donna J. Grace and Mary E. Brandt

Loko i‘a: Enriching Educational Waters for Hawaiian Children
Anna Y. Sumida

Assessing School Readiness
Shelli Aiona

Development, Validation, and Field Testing of “Readiness” Instruments for the State of Hawai‘i
Mary E. Brandt and Donna Grace

Lessons Learned and Directions for the Future
Elisabeth Chun

Creating the Future for Early Care and Education in Hawai‘i
Randy Hitz

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