Educational Perspectives 2001-2

Volume: 34

Issue: 2

Download: Vol34-2S-01.pdf

Ed Perspectives 2001-2

Issue Contents and Highlights

Introduction: Important New Directions in Hawai‘i’s School Health Education
Beth Pateman and Dan Yahata

The Hawai‘i Health Education Standards: Teaching 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Youth
Beth Pateman, Thomas W. Sileo and Ku‘ulei Serna

Positive Prevention Strategies for School Violence
Douglas C. Smith

Developing Resiliency in Youth: A Professional Development Summer Institute for Educators
Michael B. Salzman

Building an Essential Foundation: Healthy Nutrition and Lifelong Physical Activity
Julienne K. Maeda and Scott Shimabukuro

Promoting Sexual Health and Responsibility: Healthy Sexuality Education for Hawai‘i’s Youth
Beth Pateman, Rhonda S. Black, Ku‘ulei Serna,Lynn Shoji and Amy Stone Murai

Supporting Healthy Youth: The Healthy Hawai‘i Initiative and the Hawai‘i Partnership for Standards-Based School Health Education
Lola H. Irvin, Virginia Pressler, Alex Santiago,Dan Yahata and Deanna D. Helber

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